Important Information

  1. We will only be accepting the first 110 paid entrants. Absolutely no entries will be accepted that do not include a paid entry fee (no exceptions).
  2. Early registration includes fees paid up to and including June 15th.
  3. Final cut-off ends June 30th. THERE WILL BE NO REGISTRATION AFTER THIS DATE.
  4. Practice round is August 4th. All golfers are responsible to book their tee time for the practice round by calling the Truro Golf Club at (902) 893-4650. *REMINDER: The Super Seniors have the course booked from 8:00am – 10:30am.
  5. Power carts for the tournament are limited and will only be booked by Kevin Jackson to those paid golfers that request one.
  6. Golfers with an established handicap will be required to play under that handicap in the Apex.
  7. All men playing 18 holes will be required to play from BLUE TEES.
  8. Only those men age 65 and older who choose to play 9 holes are entitled to play from the white tees.
  9. Junior members must be at least 12 years old prior to August 1st to be eligible to play.
  10. No players will be allowed to play outside of the scheduled tee times. If a golfer arrives late for his or her tee time on Saturday, they will not be able to play and will be disqualified – no exception.
  11. We are not able to accommodate requests for changes in the draw for day two.
  12. The banquet dinner is free for all golfers. Golfers are required to purchase a banquet ticket for their spouses when registering. BANQUET TICKETS WILL NOT BE SOLD AT THE DOOR. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will meals be served after 5:30 PM.
  13. Dinner on Saturday will be held at the Inn on Prince at 437 Prince St. Meal options: chicken and beef.
  14. There is no dance Saturday night following the banquet/dinner.