The Softball Game and BBQ (Sunday)

‘Old Timers vs. Young Guns’


The weekend celebrations come to a close with the softball game and BBQ.

Softball Game

The ball game originally began over 30 years ago pitting the “old timers” (players 40 and over) against the “young guys” (players under 40). Back around 2006, a prominent member in the community, Charles “Snooky” Tynes, took the young guys under his wing. He purchased the team matching t-shirts to sport during play and affectionately re-named them the “young guns”. When Snooky passed away in early 2013, the name of the ball game was changed to the Charles “Snooky” Tynes Annual Memorial Softball Game.

Softball Game #5

The old timers have years of built-up skill and wisdom backing them, while the young guns bring speed and agility. The younger team also usually lends a player or two as runners for the other side. It’s always anyone’s guess who is going to take the title!

Softball Game #2

Recent Winners
2016: Young Guns
2015: Young Guns
2014: Old Timers
2013: Young Guns


The game is directly followed by a community BBQ at 240 West Prince St.