Apex Recap 2018

Apex Year 45 = SUCCESS!
That’s the consensus as much today as it was when the tournament officially wrapped back in August.
The weekend kicked off as it has for the past couple of years, with the Golfer Meet & Greet at the T.A.A.C Grounds Thursday evening. Folks gathered for few hours of laughs and letting loose while enjoying some refreshments provided by the Committee.
The tournament got underway around 10am the following morning at the Truro Golf Club. While there was some uncertain weather Saturday morning, players and spectators lucked out with warmth all weekend long!
Competition was hot again this year but Darrin Talbot came out on top and pulled off his very first Apex win! Talbot has since been claiming to be the best Talbot golfer there is – you’d have to ask his uncle, Wayne, if he agrees. There were two runner ups in the Men’s 18-hole this year – Jade Maxwell and Patrick Jackson.
The 2018 lady’s winner was Donna Barr, who’s taken home the prize in years past. And the runner up for this division was none other than her biggest fan, Allison Brown!
At the banquet, attendees were taken through the usual Committee welcome and opening prayer from Darrell Maxwell before chowing down. This year, we were again guided through an African Libation ceremony courtesy of Angel Jordan.
Before tournament prizes were given out, scholarships were given to the following students: Tesean Clyke (Memorial University), Izaiah Clyke (NSCC), Miah Clements (NSCC), Malik Burgoyne (NSCC), Shane Oderkirk (NSCC), Riley Gabriel (Acadia), and Tyrese Paris (Saint Francis Xavier University). Tesean Clyke also received the Robbie Jones Award for Community Achievement.
The Arthur Jordan Honour Roll Award, awarded for a contribution to community sport, went deservingly to William “Jake” Borden.
As for evening activities, Lance Sparks DJ’ed both the Friday and Saturday night dances where people danced til they couldn’t feel their feet.
The softball game got rained out once again on Sunday, but as the day cleared up, folks were treated to pizza and chicken while they roamed the Island enjoying the late summer afternoon.
As always – thanks to the Committee, thanks to all who came out, and can’t wait to see you all again next year!

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